Grandy Lake USA



Sustainability is a hallmark of Grandy Lake Forest Associates. Formed in 1986, Grandy Lake owns 21,000 acres of timber land in Skagit and Snohomish County, Washington. As a family business, we take a long-term view of forest management. We operate on the principle that a carefully managed forest benefits our company, our community and our environment.

For example, guided by our Sustained Yield Plan, we harvest around 2 percent our acreage each year and strive to limit clear cuts to 40 acres or less – a harvest rate that preserves wildlife habitat and assures a long-term supply of timber. Our lands grow more timber each year than we harvest. We use selective methods for about 60% of our harvesting.

Growing a variety of tree species in our forest allows us to respond to changing market demand and creates a diverse environment that attracts a wider array of wildlife.


In concert with the Cascade Land Conservancy (now Forterra) and The Skagit Land Trust, we created two conservation easements; one along the north side of the Stillaguamish River to safeguard 60 acres of riparian habitat, the other is a 320 acre parcel near the Suiattle River which protects Bald Eagle and Salmon spawning habitats. We walk these areas each year with representatives of Forterra and Skagit Land Trust to check on its condition.

Our commitment extends far beyond our property line. In addition to the jobs and tax revenue we provide to our neighbors, we contribute to a variety of community causes and provide tours to middle school students who want to learn about forestry.


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